Are These  genuine Products ?

Exebdownloads works towards providing 100% genuine products. All the plugins and themes available on the website are downloaded from the official website and then redistributed to our customers. .

Can I cancel Any time ?

Once you have subscribed to the product, you can easily cancel it anytime. However, you will need to comply with the rules so that you can easily cancel it. Also, you can cancel only one product each month.

How Can i be Sure that  your Items i download are safe ?

Since we follow the GPL compliances, you can be sure of receiving safe and secure products. Over the years, clients have worked with us and received positive results and boost their website.


Why  Choose Ebexdownloads ?

Every business deserves to grow. And what better way to make your business successful than taking it online? WordPress is one of the easiest ways through which you can start your business online. But, WordPress requires you to use premium plugins and themes, which may not always be available because they are very experienced. Also, if you have low wages or are a student, you won’t get discounts.

This can be frustrating. To ensure that you get all the premium services at an affordable rate, we tend to provide you those without any extra demands.

How Many sites Can i Use These Themes Or Plugins On.?

Unlimited. Being genuine and licensed plugins and themes, you can use these with as many sites you want. You may even prefer sharing it without the fear of being caught.

Do You Provide Updates To  The Product ?

As soon as the themes and plugins are updated into the official WordPress site, the updates become available to us within 48 hours. You will be notified about each update on your subscription so that you can avail of it soon.
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