Privacy Policy

The list of the privacy policy by Ebexdownloads is compiled for those who want to know how do we use the information provided by the. We ensure to follow the rules and maintain your identity to ensure a better context for each individual. To get a clear idea of each, please go through our Privacy policy.

You will need to enter all your details such as name, email address, and more if you are subscribing to us.

When do we need your information?
You will need to provide your information such as name, contact number, email address when you place an order with us.

How do we use the information?
You will be asked to enter all your information when you subscribe, make purchases, or sign up for the newsletter. In some cases, you will also need to enter the information while surfing the website. This makes it easier for us to process the transaction if you have made purchases. Also, we will know your needs. Thus we can customize your experience and show you the products that you are interested in.

Do we protect the information?
Since you are signing up with us, we ensure to protect the information correctly. Our strong, secure network is responsible for maintaining the networks that are accessible only to limited people. All the sensitive information that you provide us is secured and encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Different levels of security are put up to ensure the safety of your personal information.

We don’t ask for your credit card details.
Malware scanning is carried out
Vulnerability scanning is done as per PCI standards.

Once you make the transactions, we do not store any information.

Do we use cookies?
Yes, Ebexdownloads uses cookies to understand the requirements of the user better. This helps us to collect the relevant data and ensure traffic interaction data.

With the stored cookie, we will be able to understand what you might search for in the future. Using your browser’s settings, you might as well turn off the cookies. This may, however, turn off some features. But your user experience won’t at all be affected.

Third-party policies
When you sign up, we make sure not to share your personal details with any third-party. Our website may, however, contain some third-party links. These websites are independent and have their privacy policies. We aren’t liable for any content that they post.

You can contact us for more details on privacy policies.