Refund Policy

At Ebexdownloads, we take care to provide a flexible refund policy. Since you are downloading all the themes and plugins from our website, there are hardly any chances of trial or grace period. Therefore, once you subscribe to us, it is considered to be final.

You cannot return the plugins or themes that you have already downloaded. Therefore, we cannot provide a refund on any product unless we make a change in our terms and conditions, which might affect the detriment. However, if we are the ones responsible for making changes, then you will receive a complete refund for the unused months.

No requests will be approved for refunds once the download has been made.

You will not be liable for receiving refunds under these conditions.

You don’t like the product
The subscription was a mistake
You have breached our terms and conditions
You want Goodwill
You don’t know how to operate the product
You cannot download the product because it isn’t there.